Our 2014-2015 Winter CSA program (which begins November 1, 2014) is adding shareholders.  For summer 2014 in lieu of a true summer CSA model Brines Farm is instead offering Pre-Paid Account Shares.

Look currently for Brines Farm:
Saturday mornings at the regular Ann Arbor Farmers Market .

Sometimes you can see what we are offering in photos we upload to Real Time Farms, a valuable online resource started by some folks we are proud to call friends!

All of our fruits in veggies are authentically grown inside our hoophouses (passive solar greenhouses) or outside across 80 acres of preserved farmland in historic northern Webster Township (on the postal boundary of Dexter and Whitmore Lake, Michigan - the land is in the Dexter school district, so we say Dexter, no offense to Whitmore Lake). We are not third-party certified organic but follow all certified organic allowed guidelines, if not even more ecologically friendly practices whenever possible. Brines Farm utilizes first and foremost healthy compost soil, beneficial insects, seed saving when possible, open pollinated or heirloom seeds when possible, exclusively non-GMO seeds, and lots of hand labor from dedicated and respected individuals. From time to time we have public open houses or volunteer days at the farm which we can let you know about if you fill out this form. A little more infomation about Brines Farm is available in this short bio.

Support Local (Sustainable) Agriculture! First and foremost, we're in this because we like great food. As a business we're not worried about being big, only great. For example, we think you will not currently find fresher and better tasting arugula in the Ann Arbor area and that alone is the reason you should buy ours. The fact that we for example use no fossil fuels to heat, cool, or ventilate our hoophouse and that we are part of the local economy is just icing on the cake (dressing on the salad?). If you need more reasons, try these 10 Reasons to Buy Local Food (or these alternate ten reasons) with which we wholeheartedly agree.

This personal weather station is about 1 mile due north of our 80 acres.