2012 Thanksgiving Turkeys!

I am also now taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys. If you are interested in a free-range, sustainably raised, heritage-breed turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner, here are a few details. The turkey sales will work similarly to chicken sales in that they will be pre-ordered and distributed fresh the week of Thanksgiving. There will be a Monday November 19th pick-up option in Ann Arbor, and a Tuesday November 20th option in Dexter, although I’m not sure yet exactly where those’ll be. The turkey will be $8/pound, and probably between 8-14 pounds each (ie approx. $64-110 each).


I should probably admit that this is my first time raising these varieties of turkey, so I’m actually not sure how big these guys might or might not get. I’ll do my best to accommodate size preferences, but I can’t make any promises. If you do reserve a turkey I’d like you to commit to purchasing a turkey, even if it ends up a bit bigger or smaller than you would ideally prefer. It’s all part of the fun of supporting a young farmer and heritage breed birds!


The breeds, if you are curious, are Black Spanish and White Holland turkeys. Both are very old varieties – the Black Spanish was bred in Europe from the first turkeys brought back from  the Americas in the 1500s, and the White Holland first began to be selected for in Aztec communities, and much later became popular in Dutch culture. This is the only white heritage breed of turkey, although the white coloring is a natural mutation sometimes seen in the wild (there are a few living outside Dexter in fact!).


If you are considering interest in a turkey, but need to think about it or coordinate with family, please get in touch with me as soon as possible to at least let me know you’re thinking about it. I won’t require anyone to commit to their turkey until October if they don’t want to, but I will be offering only 15 birds and on a first come fist serve basis, so I suspect they could go very quickly. So if you think you might be interested let me know now and I’ll hold on to a turkey for you until you decide for sure that you are or are not going to commit to one!


And, as always, feel free to contact me with any questions.


Thank you again for your interest!

Janet van Zoeren